Full Duplex, Hands-Free Operation

Better than two-way radios, the hands-free design works in full duplex - allowing for users to listen and talk at the same time without communication breaks.

Multiple-Channel Configuration

Allows for stores to divide communication among two channels - giving users the ability to have two separate conversations at the same time.

Private, Secure Communication

Using private channels EOS HD allows for secure internal communication without having to search for a clear radio frequency. Keeps communication clear and private.

Groundbreaking Message Center

Complete with in-ear reminders, the EOS HD NDT message center can send customized alerts and reminders to staff to alert them when a freezer door has been left open or remind them to wash their hands.

More Info

We repair old and new systems by HME, 3M, and Panasonic. Your headsets and communicators will be as good as new.


We have certified technicians that can answer any drive-thru or timer questions. Give us a call at (877)-266-1785.