A new technology from HME is storming the drive-thru industry. All new EOS HD with HD Audio brings with it a dramatic improvement in sound clarity like you've never heard before. With HD Audio the whole drive-thru conversation is dramatically improved. The unmatched clarity and noise reduction from EOS HD deliver a whole new drive-thru experience for you and your customers

EOS HD provides clearer, more intelligible speech, dramatically reduced noise from both outside and inside the restaurant, and fewer distractions for crew members. Resulting in improved order accuracy, increased profitability, and a better customer experience.

The greatest advancement in sound since digital, HD audio is the drive-thru like you've never heard it before. HD Audio combines industry-changing wideband technology with ground breaking noise reduction and echo cancellation to deliver unparalleled clarity and intelligibility to your store.

Wideband Technology

The only drive-thru headset with wideband technology, EOS HD provides a whole new way of delivering drive-thru conversation. You and your customers have never heard each other this clearly. This wideband technology encompasses an expanded audio range to include higher and lower voice frequencies- providing a more accurate representation of the human voice. Covering a vastly larger vocal range than previous digital systems, EOS HD brings increased intelligibility and clarity to your drive-thru.

44% improvement in inbound noise reduction delivers improved order accuracy and reduced employee fatigue. Which is an incredible improvement from previous systems, EOS HD's new inbound noise reduction provides a clearer, more understandable drive-thru conversation. And with 17 times the echo cancellation, crew members can have total focus on the Customer.

These highly advanced noise reduction enhancements remove engine and traffic sounds from the drive-thru. Drastically improving order comprehension, EOS HD reduces employee fatigue and allows them to better understand the customer and get the order right the first time.

88% improvement in outbound noise reduction delivers a better customer experience. EOS HD's innovative outbound noise reduction removes background kitchen noise, including blenders, so that the customer can hear and understand crew members better. This astonishing 88% improvement in outbound noise reduction means customers leave happier than ever before.

Designed for Durability

Lighter weight, Balanced Design EOS HD delivers all day comfort to users. It's compact, lightweight design provides a more comfortable fit for your employees. EOS HD is balanced to stay on the user's head without adding extra pressure so your employees can concentrate on the customer and not their headsets.

Advanced engineering has resulted in the smallest, most durable all-in-one drive-thru headset ever. EOS HD's innovative design dramatically improves reliability by eliminating the most frequent repair issues for All-in-one headsets. With its super-compact durable design, EOS HD is the perfect combination of comfort, performance and reliability. Wire-free headband No wires across the headband to the battery means no wires to break. Wire-free design eliminates the number one repair issue for all-in-one headsets. Steel Headband can be pulled and twisted in various directions without damage. Instantly snaps back to fit any head size. Strong enough to withstand the rigors of the QSR environment.

The EOS HD system uses BAT50 battery, and the AC50 for battery charging.

HS6200 repair cost $190

Pricing: $825.00 new or $495.00 refurbished